Everyday incidents like an unhappy customer or a disgruntled member of the public can be blown to huge proportions in mere hours. Industrial accidents, employee scandals and information leaks can snowball into major crises in a day or less.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, organisations have a greater need to prepare for various situations and issues. The key is to be well prepared for all such eventualities. 

This course will help you to plan response strategies to manage various stakeholders, and the traditional and social media when a crisis hits you. 

Trainer: Ms Bhavani Krishnasamy

Ms K Bhavani is a veteran PR consultant and trainer, and the Managing Director of International PR Training Pte Ltd. She is an associate trainer at the Civil Service College, Singapore Business Federation, the Marketing Institute of Singapore and NTU-CCE. She is an Associate Director, Crisis Communications at Kenyon International Emergency Services. She also lectures in crisis communications in the National University of Singapore. K Bhavani has served in the Singapore public sector for 35 years in various appointments. She was the Director of Public Communications, Director of Corporate Communications, the Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and Director of Emergency Preparedness.

Throughout her service, she has been actively involved in planning and handling major national crises, particularly in the areas of public communications and media management.
Bhavani was the past President of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) for seven years from 2002-2009. She was concurrently Chairperson of the Federation of ASEAN PR Organisations (FAPRO). She now continues to serve the IPRS in her capacity as Advisor of the IPRS Accreditation Board. She holds a degree in Business Administration (NUS), a Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom and a Master of Arts (Mass Communications) from the Oklahoma City University, USA.

​​​​Course Details

Platform: Zoom

18 February 2022
9am to 12.30pm

Fee: $320 (Group discounts available)

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Crisis Communications – Managing Stakeholders and Media