​​Course Details

​​Half-day virtual workshop

Date: ​7 April 2021​, 9am-12.30pm
Platform: Zoom
Fee: $320 per participant (Group discounts available)


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[Virtual] Diplomacy & Protocol - How to handle VIPs

​PR practitioners are sometimes at a loss on what to do with VIPs, including government ministers and officials. The greatest fear is over little things such as where the VIP should sit, what he eats, and how we should address the VIP. Protocol guides how an activity should be performed, especially in the field of diplomacy. In diplomatic services and governmental fields of endeavor protocols are often unwritten guidelines. Protocols specify the proper and generally-accepted behavior in matters of state and diplomacy, such as showing appropriate respect to a VIP. 

Protocol will vary from one society to another. It changes as times change. As diplomatic life has generally become more informal and modern travel has led to more comings and goings, protocol too has become less formal. The fanfare of bygone years has yielded to pragmatism. However there are some fundamental principles which have not changed.

​Course Objectives

To give PR practitioners and event organisers an opportunity to learn about handling VIPs, special guests, and foreign guests, and organising various official events.​​

​*It will be an interactive session with group discussions, role plays and group exercises.

​By the end of the course, you will learn about...

  • Rules of protocol
  • Handling VIPs and special guests
  • Handling of events including MOU signing ceremonies
  • Hospitality to be accorded
  • Meeting and greeting guests
  • Seating arrangements
  • Dress code
  • Staging arrangements
  • Media arrangements
  • Proper forms of address of guests in various settings
  • Presentation of gifts

About the Trainer

K Bhavani, a PR consultant and trainer, is currently the Managing Director of International PR Training Pte Ltd.  She is an associate trainer at the Civil Service College, the Singapore Business Federation, the Marketing Institute of Singapore, and NTU-CCE. She is also a part-time lecturer at NUS.

K Bhavani has served in the Singapore public sector for 35 years in various appointments. She was the Director of Public Communications, Director of Corporate Communications, the Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and Director of Emergency Preparedness. 

Bhavani was the past President of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) for seven years from 2002-2009. She was concurrently Chairperson of the Federation of ASEAN PR Organisations (FAPRO). She now continues to serve the IPRS in her capacity as Advisor of the IPRS Accreditation Board. 

She has over 35 years of experience in training and lecturing. She has trained personnel from public and private sector organisations in public communications, public relations, crisis communications and PR skills. She has successfully conducted many training programmes on diplomacy and protocol over the years.

She holds a degree in Business Administration (NUS), a Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom and a Master of Arts (Mass Communications) from the Oklahoma City University, USA.