​​Stakeholder engagement has become more challenging in recent times.  Corporations are held to be more accountable and socially responsible. Stakeholders and community groups demand more information.  They are also using social and digital media to broadcast their opinions.
A major concern for organisations is managi​ng controversy and negative sentiments. Participants may have very strongly held views about the topics to be discussed, the agency involved, or the engagement process.
Differences of opinion can be about almost any issue - land use, public safety, cost of living, environmental issues, public health, community space, heritage matters, privacy issues or security matters.  It can generate strong concerns and emotions by customers, residents, industry stakeholders, NGOs and the general public.  Addressing these concerns effectively is important. The fundamental goal of stakeholder engagement is to offer the opportunity for all perspectives to be heard and to better engage citizens in meaningful dialogues.

​Course Objectives 

To successfully apply strategies and behaviours to manage negative sentiments and enhance outcomes of stakeholder engagement. 

 ​​By the end of the course, you will learn to...

Plan and implement Stakeholder Engagement efforts for controversial issues
Analyse challenges in stakeholder engagement
Assess emotion and outrage factors
Formulate strategies for managing negative emotions/sentiments
Understand behaviours in controversial situations
Manage negative sentiments online/social mediaIt will be a highly interactive session with group discussions, case studies and role plays.

Managing Negative Sentiments in Stakeholder Engagement