How do you manage the media when crisis strikes? 

When a crisis erupts, the first few hours are of critical importance.  You can define the event and frame the context in which it is judged. And, dealing with the traditional media and social media is critical. The key is to be well prepared for such eventuality

​This course aims to help you devise response strategies for the traditional and social media when a crisis hits you.  It will provide you with effective response strategies to cope with the crisis as it unfolds. ​​​

Course Objectives​
To develop the skills and confidence of PR professionals, managers, emergency planning personnel and others in the area of managing the media in a crisis.
By the End of the Course, you will...
Learn to apply the principles of crisis communications;
Craft the right messages for communicating with the media;
Manage hostile situations and aggressive traditional and social media;
Identify the media’s angles and agenda;
Understand the role of the spokesperson; and
Devise appropriate social media strategies
The course will be a highly interactive session. Participants will be engaged in challenging situations and will handle the “media” on camera.  It will include interview techniques and how to work with the media in a crisis and crafting effective and targeted replies, bearing in mind the key messages.

Course Details

​​Full Day workshop

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Managing The Media In A Crisis