S​ocial Media Skills For PR Practitioners

​Do you know that Singapore has the highest Internet penetration rate in South East Asia? Or that we own an average of 3.3 digital devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) per person?
Each day, we spend an average of seven hours online. We use Google to search for information, read online articles, update our Facebook statuses, or connect with business associates on LinkedIn. The success and failure of PR efforts are increasingly determined by how searchable and shareable your content is on social media.

To succeed these days, you need to acquire new social and digital PR skills to engage and influence your online publics.

​What do you gain from this workshop?
This one-day workshop equips you with a working knowledge of digital and social media, and equips you with the basic skills needed to create impactful content for social media channels like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You will also learn to detect trending news topics, optimize content for search engines and social sharing, manage online communities, handle crises, track and measure your social PR efforts.

Workshop Highlights

Some topics which will be covered in this workshop:

Understanding Digital and Social Media
• How the world looks like on digital
• Understanding online audiences
• Searchable, Snackable and Shareable Content

Creating Social Media Content
• How to blog like an influencer
• Mastering Facebook
• Mastering LinkedIn
• Mastering Twitter
• Mastering Instagram

Managing Social Media Communities
• Four steps to building online communities
• Crafting social media friendly press releases
• Managing online crises
• Working with social influencers

Measure Social Media PR
• Defining social media objectives
• Setting social media budgets
• Measuring social media performance