At the workplace we are constantly facing challenging situations when it comes to handling people. Each person is different and each has his own personality and expectations. In spite of these challenges we need to find ways to get them to co-operate, collaborate and work towards a common goal. The workshop is designed to help you identify and deal with various types of difficult behaviour. You will be taught how to respond to difficult behaviours in a positive manner. You will learn to understand the good intentions behind bad behaviour and how to manage your responses to such behaviours. You will also learn to bring out the best in people at their worst through rapport building and effective communication.

​Course Objectives
By the end of the workshop participants will be able to

  • Understand and appreciate the intentions and behaviour of difficult people
  • Identify categories of difficult peoples and apply strategies to manage them
  • Analyse current approaches and explore alternative ways to manage difficult people
  • Enhance communication skills and practice methods of managing difficult people

By the End of the Course...

It will be a highly interactive course with group discussions, personal evaluation, practice sessions and a personal action plan.

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to 10 types of difficult people
  • Passive, assertive and aggressive reactions to difficult behaviour
  • Four strategies of handling difficult employees at work
  • Task focus and people focus approach and how they affect our ability to manage others
  • Four main intents that influence negative behaviour in the workplace
  • Analysis and discussion of personal encounters with difficult colleagues
  • Applying skillful communication and focusing on collaboration
  • Creating trust and enhancing relationships in order to manage difficult people
  • Correcting negative behaviour without harming relationships
  • Personal reflection – Are you a difficult person
  • Summary and concluding remark

Handling Difficult People