We place a distinct value on practitioner-based programmes.

PR in an increasingly informed world
P​​​ublic Relations is an exciting and challenging career. The new frontier in business communications calls for not just a shifting of paradigm but also a brave new approach to communications. High technology, new media, and demands from customers and stakeholders put public relations practitioners on a continuous run for higher skills and knowledge to up their ante. IPRT aims to help you grow in this profession with top quality specialised training programmes tailored for you to make the cut - craft the right strategies and manage the challenges on the job.

Our Training Approach
IPRT adopts a good mix of training and learning methodologies. Our programmes are highly interactive and experiential. They incorporate open discussions, group work and exercises, peer learning, dialogue sessions, discoveries and formal lectures.

Our programmes are conducted by public relations practitioners who have a minimum of 12 years relevant industry experience.   

Our Programmes
We conduct a comprehensive suite of programmes in the core areas of corporate communications, marketing communications, investor relations and internal communications. These ​​programmes cover concepts and international best practices. We also offer intensive courses for those who seek specialisation training in Financial PR, Technology PR, Healthcare PR and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). 

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Customised Training
If customised content is what your organisation needs, we have the resource and capabilities to tailor training programmes to suit specific needs and unique challenges. We could also partner you to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills for managing the PR function. ​