Course Details

​​Full Day workshop
Date: ​23 Feb 2017​
Venue: HDB Hub
Fee: $420 (Group discounts apply for  three or more participants)

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Course Details

​​Full Day workshop

Got an enquiry?
Call (65) 9369 2104 or

Writing Good Replies

Communicating effectively is a vital skill. You have to deal with customers, clients, investors, members of the public, the media and various other stakeholders. You are often faced with a variety of business communication. Some of them are routine while others require careful planning and research.

Do you struggle to write a response to a letter of complaint or some negative and damaging comment on social media? Do you worry about the content and tone of your letter to the forum page or your response to a Facebook posting? Are you unsure how you should convey the bad news to your stakeholder? 

Regardless of the complexity of the task, you should adopt the same basic
process of carefully preparing your message.

​What do you gain from this workshop?
In this course, you would be able to understand and use the principles of good and effective writing in your responses to feedback on various platforms. You will be able to

  • Understand the importance of good public communications
  • Recognise its impact on corporate reputation
  • Frame replies and corporate messages effectively
  • ​Strategise for managing online feedback

Workshop Highlights

The course will cover the following topics and will be highly interactive with group discussions and exercises:

  • Principles of Public Communications
  • Planning your communications
  • Language of communication
  • Messaging for specific scenarios
  • Writing to project a positive corporate image
  • Drafting Replies to the media and the public
  • Identifying the different types of commenters on social media platforms
  • Adopting the right strategy for managing online feedback​