Crisis Communications

​​​When a crisis erupts, the first few hours are of critical importance. You can define the event and frame the context in which it is judged. And, dealing with the traditional media and social media is critical.

Everyday incidents like an unhappy customer or a disgruntled member of the public can be blown to huge proportions in mere hours. Industrial accidents, employee scandals and information leaks can snowball into major crises in a day or less. The key is to be well prepared for such eventualities.

This course aims to help you devise response strategies for the traditional and social media when a crisis hits you. It will provide you with effective response strategies to cope with the crisis as it unfolds. It will also equip you with the basic knowledge and skills to respond to negative online incidents and crises on your website, social networks and emails.

The workshop will be a highly interactive session and participants will be engaged in challenging situations. At the end of this highly interactive workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the principles of crisis communications;

  • Understand the principles of online engagement;

  • Craft the right messages for communicating with the media;

  • Understand the media’s angles and agenda;

  • Manage hostile situations and aggressive traditional and social media;

  • Manage online issues tactfully;

  • Understand the role of the spokesperson; 

  • Devise social media strategies; and

  • Crafting appropriate responses to online incidents and crises.​

For whom

It is designed for PR and communications professionals, managers, crisis planning personnel and others who want to develop their skills and confidence in the area of managing the traditional, digital and social media in a crisis.

About the Trainer

Ms K Bhavani
Managing Director, International PR Training

 K Bhavani has wide experience in crisis/emergency planning, and crisis management of national level crises. She has served in the Singapore public sector for 35 years in various appointments.  She was the Director of Public Communications, Director of Corporate Communications, the Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts and Director of Emergency Preparedness.

Bhavani was the past President of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) for seven years from 2002-2009.  She was concurrently Chairperson of the Federation of ASEAN PR Organisations (FAPRO). She now continues to serve the IPRS in her capacity as Advisor of the IPRS Accreditation Board.

Currently, Bhavani is managing director of International PR Training Pte Ltd, and associate trainer at the Civil Service College and the Marketing Institute of Singapore. 

Bhavani provides consultancy service for crisis management and communications including organising crisis exercises for organisations. She has trained personnel from public and private sector organisations in crisis management and communications over the past 15 years. She currently conducts regular programmes on crisis management/communications at the Singapore Business Federation, Civil Service College, NTU-CCE, NUS and other training institutes. She also conducts customised programmes for many organisations including Home Team Academy and People’s Association.  

​​​​Course Details

Mindchamps Global HQ @ Marina Square 

4 November 2020
9am - 5pm

Fee: $540 (Group discounts available)

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